To our clients

Open Letter to client - Lolobyte TeamFirst off 2017 has come along and we wish you a prosperous and happy new year.


It has been a pleasure doing business with you, thank you for your trust on us for your work, we look forward to more such opportunities.

Now, reflecting back on 2016 it was a monumental year for us at Lolobyte. Our company has seen significant growth on many fronts to which we have both our clients and teams to thank.

We kept our client retention rate at 78%, also in order to keep up with the work and great support our team members have seen a growth of 7%.

Our collaboration, hard work and dedication is helping us evolve and get even better. Notable accomplishments this past year include delivery of mobile app which have had million user downloads since

Based on the conversations with clients and the testimonials we have been receiving, the teams have been doing a great job.

This year we have set ourselves some very ambitious goals and have every intention on meeting them.

Software development is going to be the core focus. Development will be the driver of maintaining our clients and attracting new ones.

As always keeping up with the times we have lined up more feature rich, more customizability, and integration capabilities

We appreciate your continued business and the thoughtful feedback you bring to our team. Our immense success and growth would not have been possible without your support.



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Suronjit Kumar

CEO & Co-founder, Lolobyte

Jan 1, 2017

Suronjit Kumar

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